WB-XPERIA TW Gingerbread V3.9.0リリース

WB-XPERIA TW GBのV3.9.0がリリースされました。

[ROM] Wolfs TW Gingerbread | Feel the difference | V7b6 [stable] | 03/12/2011 - Post #6414 - XDA Forums

今回はFeatures VersionではZ氏のオーバークロックモジュールが含まれているようです。

Includes all Updates since 3.5
Dalvik back to Data
Features Version includes zdzihus Overclock and TUN/TAP Module [Thanks zdzihu]
Fixed Tweaks, after someone said i had a exit Command to early in a Tweak i rechecked all to make sure they are getting progressed until end of the Tweak File, and i found some more Errors, so now its really all working.
Improved Stability and Battery
Performance improved too
Fixed build.prop Tweaks and Version 3.7 to 3.9

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