Xperia TW Gingerbread Edition V4がリリースされました

TW GBがV4になりました。
[ROM] Wolfs TW Gingerbread | Feel the difference | V7b6 [stable] | 03/12/2011 - Post #950 - XDA Forums


V4のMain ROMはデータを削除しないようなので、TWのV3.x系を使っていた方は多分そのまま上書き行けるようです。


fixed alot small issues like the ##21# Code
no FCs for me
its a new full ROM but without wiping data
GPS alot faster and accurate
Interactive Governor, Smartass, MinMax, Ondemand, Performance all included and optimized, default is Interactive but can be changed with a CPU App
CIFS to stream
TUN/TAP Support
Quick Boot Mode
Torchlight fix
Now Landscape works left and right
Improved Call Audio [More clear in some Situations now]
Fixed Games and Apps that had FC issues
new Tweaks & Optimizations
Autoload of modules when you put in system/lib/modules/2.6.29-00054-g5f01537 [thanks z]
Notification Bar On/Off Widgets like in CyanogenMod
EDT Statusbar Tweaks
Better Battery Life, Smoother, Faster then 3.9
Deadline IO Schedulor
FB fix Script included
New sysctl and init.d Tweaks
simple Adblock included
Camera issues fixed
improved Camera Quality
deleted some Fonts & Languages, if your Language is missing dont be mad, in additional Downloads Section i uploaded all things i removed so you can easily just flash it and have it back.
faster, cleaner and better stability

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