WB Xperia GBが開発(一時?)停止?

Work Stoppedになってます。。。
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V5 Changelog


Sry guys need to remove all my work, need to clear that first and maybe i can comeback then.



V5 Changelog:
Fixed CPU resetting after Screen Off
alot faster Reboots
patched app_process and system_server binaries with modded Honeycomb ones [alot smoother scrolling]
patched SQLite for faster IO R/W + better Battery
patched libui for faster Performance
newest DooMKernel for Custom Version
Script to check for Permissions and wrong Entrys on boot
New Wolfbreak Tweaks!
changed Governor to SmartassV2 and tweaked it for best Performance/Battery Balance
cleaned the whole ROM/Tweaks and Scripts
new On/Off Widget Style in Not. Bar
GPS Tweaked
Fixed a major bug in the Tweak File
new Deadline IO Schedulor + Tweaked
optimized ramdisk
zipalign when needed for data and system Apps
fixed Camera Shutter Sound
optimized Dalvik VM
fixed Permissions for some System Folders
Renice/Process Priority Tweaks
New Mount Tweaks Noatime and Nodiratame
New SD Card Tweaks
No new fair Sleepers Kernel Tweak
New Battery Tweak
Increasing maximum allowed Process
New Kernel Tweaks
and alot more i cant remember all i did in the last days

ThGo2は起動時に最適化スクリプトが走るためにかなり時間がかかりますが、WB GB V5は「alot faster Reboots」とあるように、速いのでしょうか。。Rebootが速いのであって起動は関係ないかもしれませんがw

何はともあれ、、、WB Xperiaを使うなら、Work Stoppedが解除されてからのほうが良いかもしれません。

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